Employer Branding Africa is delighted to be participating in HR Works first-of-its-kind Job Fair, focused on offering Recruiters and Employers opportunities to build their employer brand, source HR talent and build their HR talent pipeline.

We look forward to exhibiting as well as presenting on Why Employer Branding and Marketing is a MUST when competing in the global talent market. As Recruiters and TA Specialists now competing for talent globally, you cannot afford to overlook these universal tools and solutions to attract high-demand talent within our online and virtual world.

  • The HR Job Fair will have 3 virtual event components: The HR Job Fair, an Expo of service providers to the HR and Recruitment industry and a Speed Networking Floor.
  • The HR Job Fair will offer virtual meeting rooms for two or eight people where Talent Scouts and Job Seekers can engage with each other on current or potential HR vacancies and HR Talent.
  • Speakers will be sharing on HR topics such as: Attracting & Retaining Top Talent | Disability & Inclusion at the Recruitment Phase | Global Talent Sourcing Skills | Employer Branding | Career Coaching | Career Resilience | Onboarding of Remote Employees | How to overcome burnout and more.

I have included a lucky draw for attendees who wish to sign up for my Missing Link of Employer Branding and Marketing for Acquisition Masterclasses, scheduled in the months of June and July. Registering here will stand two registrants in line to receive a 25% discount on these training courses. For more information, please visit our  COURSE CONTENT or REGISTER

This event is free to both HR job seekers and HR talent scouts! Don’t miss out on this great event and register now: https://live.remo.co/e/career-fair-114

I look forward to connecting with you at the HR Works Job Fair. 🙂🙌🔐🧡🧡