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We are Employer Brand Consultants and Recruitment Marketers

As an Employer your story is unique. Here at Employer Branding Africa we define your employer brand and tailor solutions to communicate it. “Perception is a reality” until you unveil and articulate who you really are through humanizing your brand!

Our Values


We build trusted partnerships

We develop an intimate understanding of your business with your employer branding leaders, through building a seamless, trusted and solid partnership based on advice which will facilitate your growth and deliver innovation.


We offer progressive solutions to keep you ahead

We understand that building a compelling employer brand requires methodical planning plus courage to challenge the status quo to shift beyond conventional thinking. We work with you and your stakeholders to build strategies that will fit and resonate within your workplace.


We deliver results that make an impact

We acknowledge that with implementing your strategies, you will be held accountable for delivering results. Results are just as important for us and we measure our success on our impact to deliver beyond your expectations.


We are obsessively responsive

We respect and appreciate your need to drive deliverables and here at Employer Branding Africa we feel no different. Managing your expectations and being responsive to your needs forms an integral part of our DNA.

Meet the Founder of Employer Branding Africa

Celeste Sirin

Managing Director and Founder of Employer Branding SA (now Africa)

It’s been 10 years now since I established Employer Branding SA with the passion and aim to continually position and drive employer branding as an essential HR and business principle within the South African talent industry. In 2020, enquiries from the rest of Africa and the disruption of the COVID-2019 pandemic has driven my further desire to promote the importance of employer branding beyond the border of South Africa. The workplace of 2021 has transformed into a very dispersed, complexed and challenging environment, which brings about an even great need for companies to focus on the psychological and financial well-being of their employees, together with innovating to attract high demand talent now within a global talent market.

This 2021 shift has prompted me to extend my reach into Africa, thus the launch of Employer Branding Africa. First-hand experience of life as an employer, employee, contractor, temp, business owner and consumer, continually reminds me that a workplace is not what it is always made out to be, with me still experiencing the “good, the bad and the ugly” of many brands.

I look forward to increasing our footprint into Africa as we continue to raise the awareness around adopting employer branding as an essential best practice to engaging, retaining and attracting their most valuable resources.


I am an employer branding and marketing specialist, speaker, facilitator and founder of Employer Branding SA (now Africa). Since inception, my aim has been to develop employer banding and marketing best practice in South Africa by educating South African leaders. My passion lies in positioning and elevating employer brands for companies, offering extensive insight into local, African and International employer branding trends.

Employer Branding Best Practice Qualification

In 2016, I graduated with a distinction in a Level 1 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership from the renowned International Employer Branding College having been accredited to global best practice standards. The same year I contributed to the first Employer Brand Excellence – A Case Study Approach, an ultimate employer branding learning publication on best practice from 26 renowned companies such as Adidas Group, Dell H & M etc., which was launched at the first inaugural World Employer Branding Day, which I attended as the country partner for South Africa.

Employer Branding Masterclasses and Workshops

Since inception of Employer Branding SA, I was actively involved in facilitating an International Employer Brand Leadership Masterclass by Brett Minchington, chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International, and am still actively running numerous employer branding masterclasses to educate the SA market on the essentials of employer branding. I have partnered with various HR and knowledge sharing networking groups and companies i.e. HR Works, Knowledge Resources, Tiso Blackstar Group (national) and Kenyan Institute of Management (KIM) (Kenya) to further educate and promote employer branding as a business principle into organizations. I have coached, trained and consulted with leading brand leaders across industry e.g. Cape Town Tourism, National Foods Ltd (Zimbabwe), Universum, Heineken, Capitec, Metropolitan Life, Ackermans, Capespan, Flight Centre, The Clicks Group, TFG, The Oceana Group, BAT and KWV.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Having owned Strategy Recruitment Marketing, an award winning and acclaimed Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising organization, I have over 12 years’ recruitment marketing and employer branding experience, 2 years’ experience within PR & brand awareness in the digital media space and 12 years recruitment experience. I am the proud founder of BPeSA Western Cape (previously known as CallingtheCape) and was instrumental in establishing and launching BPeSA over a 2.5 year period to promote the Western Cape as an offshore BPO location of choice for foreign investors.

Corporate Brand Marketing and Sales

Over and above the recruitment marketing and talent industry, I have a depth of brand marketing experience in product (QuestConnect), business location (BPeSA), BPO company (4R Technologies), medical/healthcare service provider (GaffeyHealth/HTS3/ HTS3 Executive Recruiting). I enjoy “connecting the dots” between marketing and sales with a view to promoting lead generation.


My clients have commended me on my deep and detailed industry knowledge and ability to present solutions that offer ROI. I continuously work on innovating service offerings that assist in overcoming attraction and retention challenges companies face. My passion lies in promoting the relevance of Employer Branding from “hire to retire” within the context of my daily projects of designing, implementing and rolling out employer branding and marketing strategies for blue chip companies. I am unafraid to challenge the status quo to ensure my client’s success – a perfect partner to HR in taking attraction and retention strategies to new heights within the organization.

Content Creator and Blog Writer

In my past-time I enjoy writing blogs on how global employer branding and recruitment marketing trends and principles can be adopted by SA Talent Leaders.