Thought Leader Spotlight: How Purpose Shapes Modern Day Employer Branding Strategies

In this very inspiring webinar with Carol Hondongo, Global Talent Director for the Mastercard Foundation, we explore employer branding through the lens of purpose.   💛👉 WEBINAR REPLAY HERE 👈💛 Alignment of Personal with Company Values Carol [...]

What’s on your employer brand runway for 2024?

Published in CHRO SA on 30 January 2024

In a year that promises innovation and evolution, the question beckons: What steps will you take to ensure your employer brand remains relevant, future-fit and authentically resonates with your people both inside and out of your organisation?

Employer Branding Lessons from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Published in Bizcommunity 13 January 2023

As we face 2023, let’s reflect on what Jonathan, the bold and free-spirited gull can teach us, covering all aspects of the values of learning, diversity and inclusion, leadership, purpose, mediocracy, resilience, and more.

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