Insights on DE&I in Employer Branding and EVP – Bringing it Home

Seldom does one have the opportunity in your own household to gather deep insights into how our future emerging talent communities want workplaces to deliver on their employer brand and EVP promise.  As International Pride [...]

Talent Acquisition Masterclass Two – Post-Event Coverage

Transforming Recruitment Through Your EVP and Employer Branding Our second Masterclass was held in Cape Town on Thursday, the 27th of June, where I had the pleasure of workshopping with an incredible group of progressive [...]

The Secret Currency to Talent: the EVP

Published in CHRO SA on 11 June 2024

EVP could be an employer’s secret sauce as it enhances talent management, highlighting company values and sustainability, attracting and retaining top talent. This acronym is gaining much momentum within the realm of talent management strategies of late. Despite its growing popularity, the true potential of this powerful and strategic tool is still largely untapped.

The Great Reset or the Great Resignation – your choice!

Published in BizCommunity on 24 March 2022

In 2022, you will be offered one of two choices: The perfect opportunity to embrace reframing or resetting your organisation to adjust to our present uncertain labour climate; or the chance of being left behind as you experience "The Great Resignation" of people resigning and the inability to fill your critical roles.

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