Give your Employer Brand a voice

To increase employee engagement, retain talent and attract the best people, you need an authentic and harmonious workplace. People only feel connected if they understand your employer brand and proposition. With the blend of HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Marketing, Communications and Corporate Leadership, we will discover the strength of your brand equity.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Services

Employer Branding

Every organisation has an employer brand and its own unique story to tell. Employer branding is all about how current employees perceive you as their preferred employer and how external talent view your company and value proposition when looking for their ideal future employer. We provide tailored strategies to assist you in communicating, cultivating and managing your employer brand.

Gathering insights from your stakeholders is integral to establishing the strength of your employer brand and how employees and candidates experience you as an employer.

Internal Employee Research

To find out what your employees value most, we conduct quantitative (electronic/manual) and qualitative (telephonic/focus-groups) research. This confirms their well-being and moral, necessity to enhance their employee experience or threats of retention.

External Talent Insights

We conduct external surveys to assist you in gathering an understanding of how external talent perceives your organisation as a place to work and provide insights as to what channels they are assessing to find out more about you.

Competitive Analysis

To establish your unique and competitive edge as an employer of choice, we can assist you in gathering competitive data through auditing and/or measuring your social media footprint, providing career website usability input and conducting a competitor benchmarking report.

An authentic employer brand is built on what employees believe to be your values, beliefs and behaviours. This story is important in order to successfully engage and retain your employees. At the same time having the right strategy in place to build a unique employer brand unlike your competitors will allow you to drive external awareness to attract the best candidates.

Employer Value Proposition

An authentic and well-crafted EVP should inform/remind employees of their purpose, belonging and impact alongside your monetary and non-monetary awards. Externally, your EVP should serve as a filter to efficiently repel unsuitable candidates and attract those who can align with your cultural realities.

We work with you to build or review, audit or test your existing employer value proposition to ensure it holds relevance in the eyes of both employees and candidates.

Talent Attraction & Personas

To attract high demand talent or to target a specific talent segment, we unearth the specific personas of your target audience, thereafter build and match a value proposition that will resonate with them.

Campaign Development

We develop Employer Branding marketing campaigns to revitalize, position and/or imbed your EVP internally and re-engage your employees. Through identifying and segmenting your external target market we position your employer brand and value proposition to inform and attract the best talent.

Activation & Integration

To witness your employer brand coming to life, one needs to take deliberate steps to action and integrate it into your HR practices and procedures. We map out the candidate and employee experience journey with our clients to ensure that they are activating and living their brand, resulting in improved employee engagement and acquiring exceptional candidates.


Recruitment Marketing Services

Recruitment Marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing talented individuals through marketing to them, sharing exciting, inspiring and engaging content via multiple channels such as your company’s career site and blog, job boards, social media, email campaigns, talent networking events, job fairs, etc.  The main goal of recruitment marketing is to drive individuals to apply to your job openings, but a dual focus of amplifying your employer brand can be achieved at the same time.

Communicating your employer brand message and story is essential to humanizing your brand. We reveal the emotional connection of why employees enjoy working for your company and what candidates can enjoy with joining your company as their ideal place of work.

To breathe life into your organization, you need to ensure that your employer brand is sown into every touchpoint of your candidate experience. We assist you in identifying these important online and offline touchpoints, building concept and content into your marketing materials, to convey your story and value proposition every step of the way.

Digital and media platforms provide companies with the perfect vehicle to elevate their employer brand presence, reputation, employee stories, and job opportunities. Whether you plan to launch your employer brand, run a marketing campaign to promote your vacancies, or choose to activate both simultaneously, we assist you in authentically attracting, delighting and engaging your audience.


Training & Facilitation

An employer brand promise is meaningless if internal stakeholders do not “walk the talk” in actively delivering on their values and beliefs. We run training workshops and courses geared towards educating and upskilling Leaders, Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Specialists and Agency Recruiters on adopting employer branding and recruitment marketing as an essential HR/Recruitment best practice.

Due to the COVID pandemic, all our training is conducted online for now. We are first to advocate in-person training, but this will need to be mutually agreed upon, once the pandemic climate has improved whilst ensuring essential protocols are in place.

Talent Leaders and operational (who are also hiring manager) perform a significant role in committing, adopting and exhibiting ones employer brand. We work with leaders to elevate and equip them with the tools and solutions to implement employer branding and marketing into their processes and facilitate conversations with stakeholders and decision-makers

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Teams are considered to be talent advisors and consultants. To demonstrate added value, they need to equip themselves with a strong understanding of employer branding and marketing to assume the role of Employer Brand Advocates. We provide talent teams with the knowledge, tools and solutions to practically implement employer branding and marketing into their HR processes and talent acquisition strategies.

You can find examples of course content here and here.

Whilst our other Training Courses are tailored specifically around the challenges and focus areas of individual organizations, our public training masterclasses are open to all talent specialists across industry sectors. The structure of our masterclasses are informal, yet informative and highly educational. We purposefully keep our forums small and intimate as it encourages a great platform to share case studies, success stories/solutions and challenges. The effectiveness of our workshops is not only to continue demystifying the concept of Employer Branding but to articulate the latest insights, research, stats and global best practice which is being implemented across the world and here in Africa.

Click here to find out about upcoming masterclasses

Irrespective of whether you stand alone as a personal brand or are working for and affiliated to an employer brand, it is essential that you are professionally represented publicly. Personal brands are an extension of your employer brand, thus essential to aligning both with assurance to promoting consistency and elevating brand positioning.

Our personal branding courses cater for companies (alignment of employees’ personal brand profiles with their company brand, internal HR talent and acquisition team member profiles). We assist companies and employees with building, auditing and elevating their personal brands, to gain awareness to further attract and engage top talent.

For professionals (experienced or graduates entering into the workplace, or service providers seeking to elevate their public positioning) we cover building your brand profile on social media platforms, CV compilation, networking and interviewing techniques.

External agencies are considered to be employer brand ambassadors for their clients’ brands. We partner with external agencies to assist them in building a better understanding of employer branding and marketing. Equipped with a marketing mindset, innovative tools and solutions, agencies are better positioned to offer the competitive edge clients are seeking to source the right talent. View the course content here.


Keynote Speaker

As a subject matter specialist on employer branding, Celeste Sirin has not only held her own employer branding masterclasses and personalized in-person and online company training workshops, but has had the pleasure of being called upon by numerous event/conference organisations, to share her knowledge, insights and expertise on timeless and important trend of employer branding.

As a pioneer promoting employer branding into South Africa and Africa, Celeste welcomes the opportunity of presenting at conferences and participating in networking forums and panel discussions. In 2020, with in-person events shifting online, Celeste partnered with the following organizations:

  • APSO (The Federation of African Professional Staffing Federation) – Professional Recruiter Training
  • Top Employers Institute – Africa – Building Brand Equity through a unified approach to Employer Branding
  • Employer Brand International -The Virtual World of World Employer Branding Day 2020
  • The Institute of People Management (IPM) Namibia Virtual Conference 2020 – Preparing HR for a Future Post-Covid-19

She has been invited to speak at Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employers Awards for SA/Africa and The Conference Hub’s Employee Engagement Summit in 2019 as well as being invited to present as Keynote Speaker at The Kenyan Institute of Management HR Symposium back in 2014.