Employer Branding masterclasses

Employer Branding Africa has hosted many masterclasses over the past several years.

The structure of our masterclasses are informal, yet informative and highly educational. We purposefully keep our forums small and intimate as it encourages a great platform to share case studies, success stories/solutions and challenges.

The effectiveness of our workshops is not only to continue demystifying the concept of Employer Branding, but to articulate the latest insights, research, stats and global best practice which is being implemented across the world and here in South Africa.

Employer Branding Africa has been commended on the manner in which  we have packaged and provided real, practical and useful tools that can be easily translated into any sized company, big or small.

Take a look at some of the content covered in our:


2-DAY MASTERCLASS – click here

as well as a 1-DAY MASTERCLASS focused approach on a specific topic – click here

Passionate Employer Branding leaders with progressive minds have hungered for creative and tactical methodologies to position themselves successfully as employers of choice and have benefited enormously through our classes.

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