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Cultivating your brand to connect your people

People want to know the story behind what it’s like to work for your company and employees seek an emotional connection beyond compensation – Purpose, Belonging and Impact! At Employer Branding Africa we breathe life into your company. We help you craft your story to attract, engage and retain people who can connect and align with your culture.

Why Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Matter

28% reduction

in the organisation’s turnover


cost-per-hire reduction

50% more

qualified applicants

1-2x faster

time to hire

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Services

Our blend of branding, recruitment marketing and human resources experience equips our clients with the best solutions to build a compelling brand and brings their companies to life.

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Employer Branding

Employer brands are shaped through how employees truly experience working for companies and how candidates perceive companies as a great place to work. We distil this information and assist you in cultivating your engaged workforce; improving your employees’ experience and reducing attrition ratios. Externally, we convert perceptions into realities through informing your external talent on what it’s like to work for you as their ideal employer.


Recruitment Marketing

To nurture employees internally and attract and hire talent externally, you need to build and communicate your company’s employer brand and employer value proposition. Recruitment marketing is a call to action used in the earliest stages of talent acquisition, and we assist companies to showcase and promote their employer brand and offering.


Training & Facilitation

If Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists are not integrating employer branding and marketing best practice into their HR processes, it’s missed opportunities. We educate and train Line Managers, Talent Leaders and Agencies to incorporate these tools and solutions to improve on their employee experience and talent attraction strategies.

Partnering With Top Brands


Our Valued Clients Tell It Like It Is

“Celeste Sirin is a true expert in her subject matter, being Employer Branding. The Employer Branding, South Africa workshop is an eye opener and a must do for all businesses who aspire towards attracting top talent in the market place and who have the desire to market themselves as an employer of choice.”

Jennifer Henry, HRM, CT Tourism

“Celeste’s extensive experience in Business Development, Personal Branding and Recruitment Marketing can certainly provide you with the value add you need in differentiating yourself as a preferred External Recruitment Provider of Choice.”

Nicolene di Bartolo, Managing Director

“Celeste has managed to unlock an “aha moment” for every session we have had. The sessions have been full business coaching and mentoring – absolutely more than I bargained for. I am loving the sessions and homework thoroughly! I would highly recommend.”

Mahlape Nyakane, Founder and Chief Skills Officer at The Skills Mine

“I worked closely with Celeste with regards to the recruitment needs at the CTICC. She was always on the ball and willing to assist where needed. I would call her up and ask for something to be delivered within a couple of hours and she would make time in her busy schedule to ensure that I received whatever I needed. I really enjoyed the laughs we shared along with the serious business conversations.”

Kelly Hope, HR Practitioner at CTICC, on Recruitment Marketing

“Recommended strongly for employer branding. I recommend Celeste to any company willing to go through the EB journey.”

Alice Pawarikanda, HRBP National Foods Ltd

“Celeste and I have worked together on recruitment marketing, response handling and employer branding projects. Thank you for your very progressive approach when it came to making sure we were attracting top talent.”

Mercia McShane, ex Snr HRBP/Employee Experience, Vineyard Hotel

“Celeste has an entrepreneurial flair and has managed the intricacies of a business for many years.  Celeste is very thorough and service orientated and demands a lot from herself.  She is vastly experienced yet doesn’t mind learning new things. I have always liked working with Celeste and the skills she brings to the table.  I wish her all the very best in the future and would highly recommend her.”

Mark van Rensburg, Director, 4R Technologies

“Celeste is a knowledgeable employer brand and recruitment marketing expert. I have personally enjoyed collaborating with her in tackling the South African market to bring insights and knowledge to HR professionals in this territory. Celeste’s passion and understanding of the African context and how employer branding applies in different settings has been particularly instrumental in helping our company – Universum, network beyond the South African boarders. Moreover, her expertise in the development of relevant EVPs has seen many strategies adopted and businesses reaching their employer branding goals.”

Keshia Serage, Country Manager/Regional Director Universum

“I had the pleasure of working with Celeste Sirin for quite some time. Not only is she creative and clever, she is extremely responsive and helpful. Her campaigns and branding ideas for our firm were both thoughtful and successful. Her efforts drove traffic to our sites and business our way.”

Mike Lieb, VP Interim Services HealthtechS3

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