The opening up of the global talent market requires Talent Leaders (Talent Acquisition, Recruiters, and HR Leaders) to align with global best practices if they want to retain, engage and attract high-demand talent.

Recruiters now need to shift their thinking from transactional salespeople to marketers and brand advocates, through:

  • creating their own personal brands with a competitive mindset of their key differentiators
  • ensuring consistency of personal brand profiles that align, reinforce, and further market their employer brands
  • building marketing content and thinking like salespeople instead of being reactive as and when jobs arise
  • taking on the role of advisors into hiring managers by growing their knowledge to becoming subject matter specialists in their industry sector, roles, and gathered insights
  • viewing every touchpoint within the candidate journey as an opportunity to provide exceptional candidate experience
  • NEVER overlooking the importance of candidate satisfaction feedback as their experience could secure them their commitment and a brand advocate for life.

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As Talent Acquisition Leaders, Recruiters, and HR Specialists it is essential to stay on top of your game in the forever-changing talent market we are living and working in.

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