In this very inspiring webinar with Carol Hondongo, Global Talent Director for the Mastercard Foundation, we explore employer branding through the lens of purpose.



Alignment of Personal with Company Values

Carol shares insights from her personal journey of choosing purpose-driven companies that align with her personal values. She emphasizes practical strategies to create a purpose-driven employee experience at the Mastercard Foundation. For instance, cultural onboarding for new hires helps them understand their roles and includes a reflection period to consider why they joined and the impact they hope to make over the years. These approaches are designed to enhance the employee experience, resulting in mutual benefits for both employees and the company.

Authenticity in Interviews

We cover signals to determine if prospective candidates are genuinely bringing their authentic selves to the interview process. Carol confirms that by unpacking the word “purpose” in one’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP), talent can self-select, opting in or out depending on whether the purpose resonates with them.

Measuring Purpose and Impact

Measuring purpose and impact is a journey and a living intention, requiring us to stay true to our purpose. Tracking how we convert those ambitions is essential, even when setting goals that might not be evident in one’s future career lifetime.

Key Takeaways

Carol closes with her main takeaways, emphasizing the importance of being intentional in making the employee experience meaningful while listening to the changing needs of talent. She highlights the need for moral leadership and flexibility, noting that profits are short-term. Ultimately, whether you are an organisation or an individual, the question is how do you want your story to be told.

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