How ready is your organization as we approach the forthcoming year ahead? With the last quarter of the year on the horizon, forward-thinking companies are already charting the course for the new year. Just as a clear and well-prepared runway is crucial for a smooth takeoff, meticulous planning and foresight are essential for ensuring a successful journey into 2024.

How Recognisable is your Place of Work?
Assessing your current employer brand relevance, positioning and reputation is a good start to forecasting where you are heading. CareerBuilder confirms that 70% of job seekers consider an employer brand’s reputation before applying for a job. Thus, the question you should be asking is, “Does your employer brand remain a mystery or how recognisable, well understood and well-perceived is your organisation by both internal and external talent?”

Are you Clear on Your Talent Sentiments and Expectations?
It’s vital to understand the sentiments and expectations of your employees and potential candidates. A study by Glassdoor found that 83% of employees prioritize workplace culture and values when considering job opportunities. Regular feedback and surveys can help you gauge the satisfaction and needs of your workforce, providing valuable insights into the perception of your organization. Are you equipped with a clear understanding of the pulse of your valued workforce and potential employee market?

How Unique, Transparent and Future-Fit is your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?
Crafting an authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is at the heart of your strategy. It supports your purpose, mission, vision, culture, and values. Do you have a clear understanding of the relevance, competitiveness, and uniqueness of your EVP and when was the last time you assessed it? It is increasingly important to build a human-centric EVP, personalised to address the uncertain and fluid world we find ourselves in. For example, with ongoing discussions about remote and hybrid work arrangements, embracing this trend can align your employer brand with the preferences of today’s workforce.

Why Your Investment in Employer Branding Matters
Investing in leadership development is equally essential. Your talent leaders play a pivotal role in shaping your employer brand. According to Deloitte’s The State of Employer Branding 2022 survey, 72% of CHRO’s confirmed that this was a top priority, with 59% confirming they will be increasing their investment in employer branding. This investment can assist in building a company’s competitive advantage by attracting top talent, reducing employee turnover, and increasing engagement. With employer branding considered a business imperative, have you planned to invest in it in the new year?

How Can You Harness Data and AI for Informed Decision-Making?
Data-driven decision-making is a powerful tool for talent management. In the fastmoving world of IT and automation, companies are focusing on utilising AI to identify and attract top talent, develop and retain high-performing employees and improve business talent engagement and performance. Investing in data research, surveys, and analytics to inform your strategy is becoming increasingly important. Smart companies leaning into data points, research and analytics to improve their decision-making. Are you leveraging data and AI for information decision-making in your employer branding strategy?

Do you have a Solid Recruitment Marketing Strategic Roll-Out Plan?
A recommendation to build a forecasted Recruitment Marketing Strategy ahead of the new year will propel you ahead of your talent competitors. Imagine entering the new year having predetermined what possible vacancies you might have to fill, along with prepared compelling content to position and promote your employer brand and well-defined EVP? This strategic planning should happen both internally and externally, with a focus on reminding your valuable employees of the value exchange in their employer-employee relationship for the year ahead.

As you stand at the start of the runway, these considerations should serve as your guide to evaluate your organization’s readiness for the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. To stay ahead of your talent competitors and secure high-demand talent, it’s vital to continually refine and evolve your employer brand strategy. Start early to clear the runway for a successful journey into 2024.