28th of November 2022

A Podcast with Dianne Nxumalo-Kohler, Founder and MD of Dinxko Consulting provided me with the wonderful opportunity to share my journey of building Employer Branding Africa and my love for what I do. That of providing value add to organisations seeking the creativity and innovation to stand apart from the rest in retaining their valued employees, whilst simultaneously becoming a recognizable brand to attract the best talent.

I had the pleasure of further demystifying the power of employer branding and recruitment marketing for those Talent Leaders, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition Teams who overlook how such best practice can elevate their talent management strategies. The struggle to compete for global talent persists with the skills gap only getting wider. To overlook these universal tools puts companies on the back foot to retaining their best people and finding highly sort-after skills in a competitive talent market.

Di takes you through where my curiosity and journey within the employer branding and recruitment marketing industry first began.  I had the perfect opportunity to position why they matter – with South Africa and Africa being less progressive than our overseas markets in this space, or people having heard of such best practices, but possibly just wanting further clarity.

Employer branding is often a hard sell, as Talent Leaders have to motivate and present a business case to their decision-makers as to why and how it can impact savings and assist in reaching business objectives. Upon Leaders getting this right, it is important to avoid common mistakes by ensuring that their employer brand is managed, maintained, and demonstrating their promised return on investment.

I share some examples of Employer Branding Africa’s exciting success stories to date.

Sit back and enjoy!! 💡 🙂 🧡