On Friday, 16 September #EBPulsers gathered together to kickstart the FIRST of the exciting Pulse of Marketing & Employer Branding series tailored for Recruiters and TA Specialists.

These free sessions are deliberately restricted to only 40 minutes (30-minute knowledge sharing + 10-minute Q & A) and are intended to equip Talent Leaders with recruitment marketing and employer branding trends, tools, solutions, tips, etc. to ignite creativity and elevate change in their talent attraction and acquisition strategies.

Within a volatile global labor market, we cannot dispute that Talent Leaders share the same frustrations, challenges, and overlooked opportunities surrounding marketing and branding challenges.

Should you have missed our first two episodes of The Pulse of Marketing and Employer Branding for Recruiters and TA specialists, don’t stress as we have your back.

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In the first two Episodes of The Pulse we covered the following topics:


EPISODE 1: An Intro to The Pulse & Why Marketing and Employer Branding Matters

In our kick-off session, we covered the necessity of Recruiters & TA Specialists to become more purpose-driven and creative in leveraging these global tools to better inform, compete and recruit for talent. We looked at the untapped wealth of industry market-related knowledge that Leaders are not utilizing to shape and inform both their personal and employer brands. We completed this Pulse by viewing present labor market trends to confirm why marketing and employer branding is becoming increasingly important to Recruiters & TA Specialists to stand out from the rest.

Employer branding has a significant impact on hiring talent according to 80% of recruiters.
(LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends)


EPISODE 2: Building Content will elevate your Recruitment Strategies ahead of your Hiring

In this episode, we covered the importance of proactively building meaningful and solid content that informs, shapes and positions your employer brand before you start recruiting. Candidates engage and trust an employer brand that they recognize.

69% of job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand (e.g., responds to reviews, updates profiles, shares info on culture and work environment).

Download RECORDING  👉 HERE 💡 ❗️🙂

If you have any questions related to the RECORDINGS of The Pulse of Marketing and Employer Branding for Recruiters & TA Specialists, please feel free to contact celeste@employerbrandingafrica.com

If marketing and employer branding does not form part of your DNA, then you will be left behind! Join the conversation and let’s GROW TOGETHER!!! 😊