Retail Group Botswana (Famous Brands), recognizes employer branding as an essential ingredient in attracting and retaining talent.

Employer Branding Africa had the pleasure of partnering with Retail Group Botswana (Famous Brands) to assist them in rolling out their newly crafted employer brand and EVP (employer value proposition) in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Having worked closely with our guest, Pretty Thogo, Head of HR for Retail Group Botswana (Famous Brands), we saw it opportune to host a webinar to share how she and her team have the massive responsibility of looking after the well-being and needs of more than 1000 employees, many of whom are frontline workers. They serve the customer needs behind renowned restaurant brands: Debonairs Pizzas, Wimpy, Milky Lane, Steers and Mugg & Bean.

In the face of the storm in 2021, Pretty saw even more reason to launch her  EVP (Employer Value Proposition) and employer brand, recognising how critical it was to remain relevant in supporting, engaging and retaining her employees. With many people relying on takeaway meals, it is no surprise that her valued workforce required focused care and attention to successfully meet their customers’ needs. At the same time aiming to educate and inform talent on working life at Retail Group Botswana, which delivers on most loved brands.

In our conversational informal webinar discussion Pretty ran us through her business case, covering invaluable insights and lessons learned in building her Employer Value Proposition, ensuring that it was embedded within her workforce and successfully positioned and promoted within the external talent marketplace.


  • The key objectives and motivation to why Pretty thought it essential to position Retail Group as an Employer of Choice.
  • The main focus areas within her Employer Branding Strategy.
  • A high-level overview and understanding of what steps Pretty took to build her Employer Value Proposition and Retail Group’s employer brand.
  • The challenges she faced and navigated through her journey.
  • The impact and noticeable shifts Pretty and her team experienced both internally and externally upon having implemented this HR principle.
  • Important measurables and key performance areas she measured and monitored along the way.
  • Last but not least the steps Pretty is taking to preserve and strengthen the heartbeat of the organisation, with the intention to sustain and continue elevating Retail Group’s employer brand reputation.

As they say “the proof is in the pudding” so why not kick back and enjoy our first-hand inspirational discussion on how you can leverage employer branding to connect your people!!!