The demand for strong Recruiters and TA Specialists will continue into 2022.

The question though is how many of you, as sort-after individuals, are effectively leveraging off employer branding and recruitment marketing to make yourself and your organisation that much more efficient and exceptional at what you do?

Your employer brand exists regardless of how you choose to market it (or not to). But the practice of employer branding is failing to produce results for you as Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists as you compete for high-demand talent. It’s why you are still spending all of your time in LinkedIn Recruiter and sourcing referrals from high-value team members. It’s your best shot at a conversation with a qualified candidate.

And the lack of results stems from one overarching and common theme: Not creating anything that candidates care about due to the fear of executing quickly i.e. the fear of failing. The status quo feels safe—even if it’s ineffective.

But in order for employer branding to have an impact on recruiting and Talent Acquisition, you have to be obsessed with the following:

💡 Gaining a deep understanding of your market’s behaviour

Understanding how high-demand talent buy a new opportunity from first touch attribution to close? It’s your job to always be on top of this and create the assets and experience that enable the most frictionless buying process possible.

💡 Creating meaningful content-driven employer branding and marketing

Employer branding today is micro-content at scale—effective persona development, tailored messaging, targeted distribution to where your candidate audience can easily consume it, eye-catching audio, video, or written format.

💡 Designing assets to assist yourself and your hiring managers to guide the CX – including job brief templates, inspiring job ads, EVP scripts, etc.

💡 Holding yourselves accountable to new hires as your priority metric and mapping your efforts to this goal

Tracking metrics/measurements (quantity vs quality, conversion ratios i.e. time to hire, social media hiring impact (organic vs paid posts), retrieving of data analytics off your ATS, candidate satisfaction ratios, reduction/improved external agency fees.

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