Research confirms that the likelihood of a massive global shift in the labour market will continue as we enter 2022! Call it what you will:  “The Great Resignation”, “The Great Reshuffle” or “The Great Revolt”

The question remains: How confident are you that your valued employees are clear on their purpose, impact, value, and belonging as they commit to you as their employer of choice upon entering 2022? If not, you might run the risk of them looking for alternate work elsewhere.

Companies can gain so much value through promoting their external talent acquisition and employer branding strategies INTERNALLY.

The content you created for your external candidate market can be internalized through educating, informing, inspiring, and re-engaging your employee workforce. It reminds employees of their relevance and purpose.  At the same time, it builds a more connected culture with employees internally, reminding them of your values and behaviors.

Just some ways:

  • Excite and engage your employees by encouraging them to share on social media
  • Use the outcomes of your latest employee pulse survey to broadcast the great findings
  • Build evergreen content in snackable bits to engage internally while you are promoting your employer brand to the external market


  • The day in the life of ………….?
  • Why I joined ABC Company?
  • Thought Leadership?
  • Video of employees at work

-and so much more

Research confirms that content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by brand channels. (Social Media Today)

Stay tuned to the Pulse of Employer Branding Africa as you continue to build a broader understanding of why employer branding matters now more than ever!!!