Recruiters and TA Leaders need to become their own creators and content marketers because nobody else is going to do it for them.

Research confirms that many people will be joining “The Great Resignation, the skills gap will persist in 2022, and Talent Leaders will need to market their value proposition that much harder to retain, keep their people engaged, and attract the best talent.

The lack of sophistication and skill in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing is why recruiters and TA still have to hammer cold outbound calls.

To convert your high volume of low-quality applications and reduce becoming overwhelmed, Heads of Talent, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition needs to shift to a smart, premeditated approach through asking yourselves the following questions:

❓ Have I done enough research to understand my marketplace to knowledgeably “go to market” to successfully attract my “customer”?

❓ Have I mapped out my candidate experience and journey to determine the gaps/shortfalls?

❓ What is the quality of the content I am creating i.e. strength of my EVP, writing style, competitive edge, design, and more?

❓ Do I have what it takes to ask the right questions of my Hiring Manager/s to build compelling content to competitively market my role/s?

❓ Can I confidently post a recruitment advert or run a digital media campaign to generate my own quality candidates?

❓ Am I skilled enough to know how to target the right candidate segmentation, realise the difference between paid vs organic advertising, manage two-way communication, track the success of my social media postings?

EVP’s (Employer Value Propositions), career sites, and overly generalized culture content alone will not work! The key is in creating micro-content, effectively packaging and distributing information that candidates actually care about. A big part of that distribution is via you as the Head of Talent, Recruiters, or Talent Acquisition Specialists.

Are you ready to face 2022, where the only thing that is certain will be change!!?

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