Just look towards Marketing at how you can draw such a great alignment between Product Marketing and Recruitment Marketing!!!


  • View your Product or Service as the Jobs you are trying to fill
  • Your marketing department has scoped out the route to market for their Consumer and the favorable Experience they want them to enjoy = No different for you as a TA or Recruitment Specialist as you map out your Candidate’s Journey and the important touchpoints to engage them through your recruitment process
  • As would your marketing department build a Unique Selling Proposition for their Product or Service so would you need to build a competitive EVP Employer Value Proposition to promote your employer brand

Now let’s look at the similarities:

  • In both cases, you would need to scope, segment, and target your audience’s personalities, behaviors, likes, dislikes, etc.
  • In both cases, you would need to activate a digital media marketing campaign in order to drive awareness and promote a call to action
  • In both cases, ongoing generation of content to advertise to your audience is essential in order to inform, promote and sell.

Stay tuned to the Pulse of Employer Branding Africa as you continue to build a broader understanding of why employer branding matters now more than ever!!!