Your employer brand can be compared to a living organism where it constantly evolves and needs to be nurtured. To get the best out of your employer brand you need to remain on the pulse of informing and highlighting, to both candidates and employees, what you stand for and what you offer as a great place to work.  In this way, people begin to make the emotional connection and start building trust and understanding of your company culture, values, behaviors, and differentiators as an attractive employer. Imbedding your value proposition internally assists employee retention and through ongoing external communication, you can successfully pave the way to attracting and securing the best people.

Employer branding need not be impersonable and difficult to touch. You can make it real, touchable, and visible through building content that explains who you are and what you do – this is called EMPLOYER BRANDING.

The process of promoting your company’s Employer Brand i.e. posting engaging content about your employer brand, culture, and employee stories on social media is called RECRUITMENT MARKETING. Employer Branding comes first, and Recruitment Marketing supports it, through the activation of innovative messages and tactics to drive awareness. Make it personable and authentic so people have a clear picture of your employees’ roles, purpose, impact, projects, success stories, unique differentiators. This brings your brand to life and provides everyone with a better understanding of what your company stands for as a place of work.

EXPERIENCE is everything so ensure that you are addressing your employees’ understanding of their journey, from hire to retire. Mapping out these important touchpoints are essential in your employee experience journey.

You need to be intentional if you want to make your Employer Brand authentic, stand out, and be noticed!

View our on-demand webinar where Employer Branding Africa had the pleasure of hosting Jessica McFadden, Head of Marketing of Stories Incorporated. Jessica provided African Talent Leaders with great global insights, case studies, and trends of how their organization has utilized stories to position and market employer brands through the pandemic crisis.

Stay tuned to the Pulse of Employer Branding Africa as you continue to build a broader understanding of why employer branding matters now more than ever!!!