FREE WEBINAR : Bring your Employer Brand to Life through Stories – 20 May 2021 at 14h00

Join Employer Branding Africa to hear how you can keep your remote workforce attached to your company culture, values, behaviors, and employer brand through stories.

I have the pleasure of hosting 🎇Jessica McFadden, Head of Marketing at Stories Incorporated, a globally renowned recruitment marketing consultancy that builds stories for employer brands. Jessica will share how we can leverage the power of stories to assist Talent Leaders to improve employee engagement and attract high-demand talent.

Some of what our🎇exciting action-packed event 🎇will cover:

❓ Utilizing stories to elevate your employer brand positioning

❓ How one can revitalize and provide more meaning to your static EVP pillars through stories

❓ Where does one start (practical and inexpensive step by step approach) to capturing stories virtual and in-person

❓ Creating a content library where stories can be accessed, reused and repurposed, to assist you in keeping your brand alive.

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