Building a Business Case for Employer Branding is often difficult but very possible!

Employer Branding is a hard sell if you do not have the data-led insights to counteract i.e. your high turnover rates, inability to compete on high demand talent, proof of declining productivity levels, etc.

Here’s how

  • You HAVE to gain upfront understanding, buy-in, and commitment from CEO to adopt EB as a business principle (otherwise you’ll be swimming upstream)
  • Be intentional through showcasing success factors of how YOUR connected culture and employer brand is helping your organization achieve business goals
  • Champion & recruit the RIGHT Leaders to support you in your mission
  • To secure a budget you need to do your homework on forecasted ROI and achievement of business goals
  • Run a Competitive Analysis – expand the lens of who your competitors are cross-industry
  • Capacity is essential, thus appoint a dedicated resource to give your employer brand the focus it needs otherwise it will fail
  • Employee and Candidate surveys provide you with tangible evidence re culture, brand reputation, perceptions, etc.

Stay tuned into the Pulse of Employer Branding Africa as you continue to build a broader understanding of why employer branding matters now more than ever!!!