I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the inspiring and seasoned Momentum Metropolitan Talent Leadership Team last Wednesday, the 28th of October, with each panelist speaking so positively, on how they are contributing to the greater good of building Momentum Metropolitan’s employer brand for our “next normal” world.

Plenty of insights and constructive insights were shared and I urge you to download this full webinar to hear what capabilities they are leveraging off for this leading renowned employer brand.

Some key takeaways for me were:

📌 Be clear on what your organization stands for culturally and what your purpose is, otherwise it will be a challenge to connect your people to what you stand for as a brand
📌 Once clear on your culture and purpose, you will be better positioned to build a relevant holistic Employer Value Proposition to address your employee experience more meaningfully
📌 Leadership competencies and skills are indifferent to the past, but it is about changing the mindset, acting upon, and aligning them to the new remote digital environment. In this way bringing hope and meaning to employees through being connected.
📌 Formulating a gig workforce strategy to attract the digital millennials is great during the COVID uncertainty, but don’t overlook your “internal talent bench” – upskill and grow them first as and when non-critical positions fall away. Reskilling your internal workforce ensures they remain relevant for the future workplace.
📌 Establish a heartset, which Momentum Metropolitan is doing through thinking human first and translating the thinking into every practice, policy, engagement, and interaction. Enjoy the collective practicalities that this wonderful team of seasoned leaders have to offer!!!