Progressive External Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists are relooking at crafting and marketing their new Recruiter Value Propositions to remain relevant and address their client needs as we slowly move into the post-pandemic recovery phase.

WHY IS THIS NECESSARY? (Recognize the change)

  1. The market place is shifting, budgets are cut and you need to identify what value you can now add in partnering with your clients
  2. Your value proposition might’ve worked before COVID struck, but what relevance does it presently have to your clients now
  3. Is your Value Proposition the same as everyone else’s and are you having difficulty in defining your competitive edge

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE (Shift to becoming relevant)

  1. DEFINE: Your present Recruiter Value Proposition needs to be unpacked, reframed, and crafted to have relevance and be competitive
    ❓ We unpack your present Recruiter Value Proposition and brainstorm, refine and generate an offering that is purposeful and competitive
  2. PACKAGE: Compelling content needs to be built and packaged in order to “take your Recruiter Value Proposition” to market – remembering that you have 2 audiences – your clients on the one hand and your candidate talent base on the other
    ❓ We build compelling content that we can use to educate and inform both audiences i.e. understanding that you are not only pitching to companies on the one hand but competing for sort-after/high demand candidates on the other
  3. MARKET: Content marketing through the right channels is essential when marketing your Recruiter Value Proposition. It can be anything from social media, video clips, brochures, websites, LinkedIn, etc.
    ❓ Here we discuss untapped opportunities and best routes to market in order to avoid the clutter and build your brand positioning.
  4. MEASURE: Measuring the ROI and activity of your newly implemented Recruiter Value Proposition is essential if you want to benchmark your success.
    ❓ We define what measurables and associated success factors you wish to achieve. This could be anything from increased retained clients, increase in quality vs quantity of candidates,

HOW IS THIS DONE (The Way Forward)

❓ Virtual Online Marketing and Sales Meetings scheduled weekly work best. This provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your training insights and put the practical solutions into action
❓ Providing you with “homework” assists you in progressing with building your Value Proposition, and able to ask questions when we meet each week.
❓ I will provide you with the necessary templates, assignments, and implementable workplace tools
❓ Acknowledging that we still have a business to run, I work at the pace that you are comfortable with.
If you work as a team, you are welcome to bring your colleagues along. They should be included in building the Recruiter Value Proposition Initiative.


As an award-winning business owner and life-time entrepreneur, combined with a depth of experience within recruitment, marketing, branding, communications, and sales, I know what it takes to build, market and sell a competitive value proposition. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you in building your personal Recruiter Value Proposition.

Fees are quoted based on the number of attendees, course content, and virtual or in-person training workshops.
Demonstrate the value add your clients are looking for! Invest in upskilling, reskilling, and repositioning yourself so that you can confidently consult, advise, and represent your client as a true brand advocate.

“Celeste has managed to unlock an “aha moment” for every session we have had. The sessions have been full business coaching and mentoring – absolutely more than I bargained for. I am loving the sessions and homework thoroughly! I would highly recommend.” Mahlape Nyakane Founder & Chief Skills Officer at The Skills Mine

“Celeste’s extensive experience in Business Development, Personal Branding and Recruitment Marketing can certainly provide you with the value add you need in differentiating yourself as a preferred External Recruitment Provider of Choice.” Nicolene di Bartolo, Managing Director

“Celeste has an understanding of marketing’s core principles. She specifically appreciates the importance of authenticity in modern publicity, and grasps the branding, advertising and social media play in driving high-quality referrals in recruitment.” Tumi Mothibeli, Owner of Diphetogo Consulting