Recruitment providers are facing a challenging and evolving recruitment landscape within SA, where survival of the fittest will win!

One of the most prominent being that companies are opting to set up their own in-house recruitment teams, which means recruitment providers need to be constantly recreating their conversations with their clients, by asking themselves:

“What value added service can I provide to my client which can demonstrate my long-term partnership and sustainable existence?”


Employer Branding: The Candidate Experience Journey
Pretend you are a candidate looking to join your client for the first time as an Employer of Choice.

  1. Was it easy to source information on the company?
  2. If there are listed jobs, what was your experience like as a candidate applying for a job?
  3. Write down this candidate experience journey and reflect on it with your client highlighting the good and challenging areas for improvement.
    (Identify: how visible and well-presented was your client across social media channels and job boards, how exciting and unique was the content of the listed job, how favourable was the employee reviews, what was the job application process like)

Employer Branding/Employee Engagement: Client Visit
You’ve set up your appointment and confirmed your core objective for meeting with your client.

  1. What preparations have you done before your meeting i.e. have you thought of any constructive added value offering over and above your reason for meeting?
  2. If you are taking down a job brief, have you done the necessary market research of the position in question, compiled a list of questions pertaining to the company and job value proposition, culture fit, marketing efforts executed by your client etc.
  3. Irrespective of whether this is a new or existing client, put a fresh lens over your eyes upon commuting to and entering into your client’s establishment. What kind of reaction do you receive from the receptionist, do the employees look happy and/or greet you, perceive what kind of culture prevails there).
    (Identify: does the job description align with the environment you’ve entered into, what’s your initial first-hand impression of the company culture, what’s unique about the people)

Employer Branding: Employer Value Proposition, Culture and Recruitment Marketing
Nowadays, unpacking a job brief extends far beyond just the knowledge, experience and skill set.

  1. Can your client confirm what their company’s unique EVP is i.e. reputation, culture, remuneration (and benefits), career opportunities and job characteristics?
  2. From your side, are you able to stress the necessity of gaining this additional information with a view to sourcing and recruiting their perfect fit candidate?
  3. Having established that your client has loaded his/her job on their career site, what marketing efforts have they activated on to get the candidates to their site?
    (Identify: did you find your client was unable to provide you with the necessary info over and above the standard job spec requirements, did you feel ill-equipped or uncomfortable with sourcing this additional info, had your client ever heard of the concept of recruitment marketing and why nowadays it is essential to sourcing and competing for talent)?
Recruitment is now all about BRANDING and MARKETING!
Progressive leaders make it their business to understand the power of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing!

Should you or your clients be faced with some of these challenges, contact Celeste on to:

  • Partner with you on your next client visit to demonstrate how you go about unpacking added value services, or
  • Run a training workshop to unveil how you and/or your team navigate your way to demonstrating value added services.