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With over 30 years in recruitment, recruitment advertising/marketing and employer branding we are the best in what we do. Our confidential one-on-one research surveys have impacted companies enormously across financial services, accounting, retail, hospitality sectors and more.

Employer Branding SA can turn around your recruitment challenges today!

External Market Perception Survey
Competitive analysis survey
Post exit interview survey
Need to build a strong talent pipeline to address your critical skills
Post exit Interview Survey
Competitive Analysis/Perception Survey
Attrition rate is high and you don’t know the real reason why?
Testimonial Surveys
Candidate Surveys
Competitive analysis survey
Social media recruitment marketing audit
External market perception survey
Candidates don’t know who you are, what you stand for and what’s on offer?
Candidate Experience Journey SurveyIt’s time to relook at your recruiting process from rehire through to appointment/regret and nurture
Internal Employee Climate Survey
Competitive analysis/perception survey
Post exit interview survey
Losing top notch candidates to your competitors
Candidate Climate SurveyDon’t have the attention of your strong passive candidate market

An exceptional candidate experience builds strong Employer Brands!
  • 95% IMPROVES PIPELINE Unsuccessful candidates are more likely to apply again if their Candidate Experience is positive.
  • 97% INCREASES REFERRALS – Almost all satisfied candidates would refer others to the organization.
  • 88% BUILDS CUSTOMER LOYALTY – Nearly 9 in 10 who had a positive experience would increase their purchase with a company.
  • 50% SPREADS THE WORD – Half would tell their social networks about their positive experience.