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Details of upcoming and past Employer Branding Webinars, Video Recordings & Podcasts

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Building an Attractive Employer Brand Post-Covid-19

Building an Attractive Brand for the Post-COVID World

South African Employer Brands – Steering Talent Through A Crisis

The Shift of Employer Brands
Pre to Post COVID

Upskill, reskill and reset yourself to position your Employer Brand beyond COVID-19

Defining and Marketing your Recruiter Value Proposition

A strong Employer Brand can lead you through this Crisis!

Career Development Workshop for Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine hosted at University of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences.

View the full Career Development Workshop here:

Part 1
Part 2

South Africa needs a focused approach to Employer Branding!

Post Employer Branding Masterclass
Interview 2017

Employer Branding Masterclass March 2017

HR Works Breakfast – 8 June 2016

Why Employer Branding Matters – February 2016

Employer Branding Masterclass – May 2015

Science Bridge Beaker Half Full
– positive webinar series:

Science Bridge Beaker Half Full – positive webinar series: Job post analysis with Celeste Sirin and Jane Moors

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