Wednesday, 3 July 12h00

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If you do not know about Employer Branding, now is the time for you, as a progressive SA Recruiter and Talent Leader to gather an understanding of the importance of integrating this essential ingredient into your recruitment and talent management strategies. This is aimed at corporate Talent Leaders and Recruitment Service Providers!

Employer branding is a globally recognized business imperative in the attraction, engagement and retention of talent, with credible resources having confirmed the following proven insights:

  • a strong employer brand can achieve a 50% saving per hire
  • 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job
  • companies with positive brands get 2x as many applications as companies with negative brands, and they spend less on employees
  • the no 1 obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization
  • a strong employer brand can achieve a 28% lower turnover rate.

You cannot afford to miss out on this introductory webinar which will be only the start of your incredible employer branding journey!

What will you get from this Webinar?

  • An introduction and clear understanding of employer branding and why it matters for ALL modern day Recruiters
  • The importance of your employer brand, how interrelated it is with your consumer brand and the impact it can have on your corporate brand reputation
  • An overview of how the golden thread of employer branding is interwoven through every aspect of talent attraction, engagement and retention
  • Some big misunderstandings of employer branding
  • Contextualizing employer branding within our present candidate market and economic climate.

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Don’t miss out on our FIRST Employer Branding Webinar! REGISTER TODAY!

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