Translation of EVP onto Career Site and Activation of Recruitment Marketing Campaign



The client needed to build their careers portal, translate, and amplify the results of their employer branding survey. Our focus was to elevate awareness to their careers portal and newly implemented Applicant Tracking Platform with a strong emphasis on attracting pharmacists.

Skill Requirements

  • Copywriting and designed the look and feel of the careers pages
  • Gathered testimonials from a sample group of employees validating the EVP through telephonic surveys, collated testimonials
  • Compiled an instruction document for their ATS supplier to implement content
  • Conducted an audit of their existing media channels, consulted on cohesive multichannel messaging and measuring of media results. Provided recommendations on their social media platforms.
  • Implemented an awareness campaign comprising generic, pharmacist recruitment adverts and print media teasers advertised in various specialised trade publications and print media; pushing traffic to their Careers Portal,
  • Redefined, reinforced and repositioned their employee value proposition internally and externally.

Business Impact    

  • Testimonial surveys provided great data-led information coupled with identifying gap areas and challenges that needed addressing
  • Our client witnessed increased traffic to their career site and an influx of quality candidates through their Applicant Tracking System.