The Skills Mine

Recruiter Value Proposition for External Agency


The Founder of The Skills Mine was in the process of revamping her recruiter brand strategy and content. She was seeking guidance and training to distil her competitive differentiators and package her value proposition. Her aim was to stand out from the rest.

Skill Requirements

Weekly marketing and sales coaching sessions to assist the client with:

  • Identifying existing internal and overlooked data intelligence, resources and marketing collateral
  • Crafting of unique value proposition
  • Creation of content through leveraging off newly created value proposition and identifying best marketing channels to implement i.e. electronic brochure, social media, presentations, case studies etc.
  • Market segmentation and tailoring of sales strategy to address client and industry specific needs

Business Impact

Through weekly training and business coaching sessions, my client received implementable and practical workplace tools, solutions and knowledge she needed in order to refine her value proposition, build her marketing and sales strategy and give her the competitive edge she was seeking.