Retail Group, Botswana

A subsidiary of Famous Brands Ltd


Retail Group is the largest multiple casual dining and quick service operating company in Botswana, with 38 outlets and retail stores across the country.

They are the master licensee for the Debonairs Pizza, Wimpy, Milky Lane and Mugg & Bean franchises, and boasts a complement of 20 Debonairs Pizza, 2 Milky Lane, 1 company-run Wimpy, 3 Steers, and 2 company-run Mugg & Bean outlets.

As industry leaders, they are passionate about unique customer experiences, flawless execution and continuous improvement. Their people go above and beyond delivering the best experience to their customers. Retail Group is the proud employer of around 900 Batswana, with about 300 more employed through their franchised restaurants. With a wide range of brands, positions and skills areas, they offer their people extensive choices with substantial opportunities for promotion and career advancement. insightful experience.

Our goal

When Employer Branding Africa started its journey with Retail Group, people were well informed of Retail Group’s individual restaurant outlet brands e.g. Debonairs. Milky Lane etc., but the company was not well known in the market as a place of work. The Head of HR for Retail Group had built their Employer Value Proposition and their EVP pillars/drivers which were compelling enough to position their company as an employer of choice.

Retail Group had collected both quantitative and qualitative insights from conducting online surveys and focus group sessions. Retail Group needed assistance from a specialised recruitment marketing and employer branding agency to roll out their employer branding communications strategy both internally and externally.

Employer Branding Africa partnered with Retail Group to:

  • Utilise their content to build and prepare their internal and external communication plans.
  • Develop visual identity, concepts, collateral and copywrite information and employer brand messages to take to market.
  • Set up social media profiles (LinkedIn and Facebook), manage, schedule and monitor content and performance.
  • Source, receive and write/build content from client to inform/educate, shape and enlighten the external talent market of Retail Group as a great place to work.
  • Leverage external employer brand messaging to internalise, imbed and drive further employee engagement.
  • Assist their Talent Advisors on how to source employee generated content that would excite and inform their potential talent market on what it is like to establish a future career at Retail Group.

What we did

(end to end solution):

Retail Group had a strong presence on Facebook for their consumer brands, but lacked information on the company as a place of work.

Employer Branding Africa set up a dedicated careers Facebook page and utilised Retail Group’s collected content to craft the story around each of their EVP pillars, and in so doing brought their employer brand to life.

Through garnering employee testimonials, announcing long service awards, recognising/appreciating employees publicly and informing the external talent market of employee career growth stories, we have witnessed great engagement and increased social media traffic.

The impact

Facebook Performance Insights

With September being the second month of advertising since The Retail Group Facebook page went live, we recorded an overall increase in performance which was attributed to our adverts each surpassing their KPI’s. This immediately indicated that the content we were generating was informative, educational and insightful. Since then the performance continues to increase as we continue to shape and inform their story around their newly launched Culture Code. We continue to see an increase in the performance each month.

This high performance can be attributed to the employer branding postings with each surpassing their KPI’s. Again, this indicates that our content is highly relevant, educational and insightful.

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