Employer Branding, EVP and Recruitment Marketing


Our goal

Metropolitan Retail wanted to position their newly crafted Employer Brand and EVP nationally in order to compete for best-in-class Financial Advisers.

What we did

  • Executed a regional survey to gather diverse candidate market sentiments specific to each city
  • Enhanced the packaging of their EVP (emotional and tangible benefits) to address the respective regional vacancy requirements
  • Co-ordinated a photoshoot utilizing Metropolitan’s very own employees. (had a non-existent library of employer branding marketing collateral to specifically facilitate the projection of their Employer Brand)
  • Content creation and design – Having depicted their logo and tagline “Together we can”, we reinforced the spirit and culture within Metropolitan.

The business impact

The undisputed brand of Metropolitan could not be missed with the company treating this exercise as an employer brand positioning/building exercise. The recruitment process was handled by Metropolitan where the onus was on regional HRBP’s to place and onboard their successful candidates.

*The Metropolitan advert and case study was published as one of the 26 case studies from around the world in a book called EMPLOYER BRAND EXCELLENCE, a case study approach produced and launched by Brett Minchington, CEO of Employer Branding International end of April at World Employer Branding Day in Prague.