Insights on DE&I in Employer Branding and EVP – Bringing it Home

Seldom does one have the opportunity in your own household to gather deep insights into how our future emerging talent communities want workplaces to deliver on their employer brand and EVP promise.  As International Pride [...]

Thought Leader Spotlight: How Purpose Shapes Modern Day Employer Branding Strategies

In this very inspiring webinar with Carol Hondongo, Global Talent Director for the Mastercard Foundation, we explore employer branding through the lens of purpose.   💛👉 WEBINAR REPLAY HERE 👈💛 Alignment of Personal with Company Values Carol [...]

The Pulse of Employer Branding: Internalise your Employer Brand to enhance your culture!

Research confirms that the likelihood of a massive global shift in the labour market will continue as we enter 2022! Call it what you will:  “The Great Resignation”, “The Great Reshuffle” or “The Great Revolt” [...]

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