Insights on DE&I in Employer Branding and EVP – Bringing it Home

Seldom does one have the opportunity in your own household to gather deep insights into how our future emerging talent communities want workplaces to deliver on their employer brand and EVP promise.  As International Pride [...]

Talent Acquisition Masterclass Two – Post-Event Coverage

Transforming Recruitment Through Your EVP and Employer Branding Our second Masterclass was held in Cape Town on Thursday, the 27th of June, where I had the pleasure of workshopping with an incredible group of progressive [...]

Talent Acquisition Masterclass One – Post-Event Coverage

Transforming Recruitment Through Your EVP and Employer Branding I am excited to share the highlights from our first in-person Talent Acquisition Masterclass, held on May 23rd. The session was a tremendous success, offering participants innovative [...]

Human-centric responsiveness is indispensable in a world of AI-enhanced talent acquisition

Published in Bizcommunity on 6 November 2023

The key to attracting top-notch, in-demand talent for talent leaders will always remain in their responsiveness, swift turnarounds, and the cultivation of a human-centric and compassionate candidate experience.

From Purpose to Performance: How Gen Z’s values impact your brand and employee success

Published in CHRO SA on 23 May 2023

Gen Zs, the digital generation and early career seekers, can be characterised as authentic, pragmatic, entrepreneurial, resilient, ambitious, and collaborative. They are fully armed with what matters to them from their future employer.

WEBINAR RECORDING : How to Start Working on Your Employer Brand and Witness Great Results

Joint Webinar hosted by Employer Branding Africa and Employer Branding Brasil Country representatives Caio Infante from Brasil and Celeste Sirin from Africa rallied their clients together to host an enjoyable discussion of what we love [...]

The Great Reset or the Great Resignation – your choice!

Published in BizCommunity on 24 March 2022

In 2022, you will be offered one of two choices: The perfect opportunity to embrace reframing or resetting your organisation to adjust to our present uncertain labour climate; or the chance of being left behind as you experience "The Great Resignation" of people resigning and the inability to fill your critical roles.

The Pulse of Employer Branding: Internalise your Employer Brand to enhance your culture!

Research confirms that the likelihood of a massive global shift in the labour market will continue as we enter 2022! Call it what you will:  “The Great Resignation”, “The Great Reshuffle” or “The Great Revolt” [...]

Is your Employer Brand “all dressed up and no place to go?”

In 2020 the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic saw progressive companies moving employer branding rapidly to the centre stage of their agendas. For some companies, the concept of employer branding became a new discovery as [...]

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