Recruitment Marketing is the process of promoting your company’s Employer Brand externally or internally (by creating interesting and engaging recruiting content and sharing it via multiple channels such as your company’s career site and blog, job boards, social media, email campaigns, talent networking events, job fairs, etc.)


of candidates are passive job seekers therefore Recruitment Marketing is the #1 Recruiting Trend source: Talentlyft


obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization.


Recruitment Marketing & Communications

Your Recruitment Marketing and Communications Objectives can vary from:

– Marketing your Employer Brand
– Recruitment for critical high demand skills
– Talent Attraction Strategy
– Creation of pipeline of scarce talent
– Job advertising and marketing

Surprise, excite and hold the attention of your audience, through educating and promoting your Employer Brand and/or marketing job opportunities within your company.

We deliver on the following:

Copy write and design job adverts or employer branding communication

Placement of advertisements or communications in multi-media channels (once-off or ongoing marketing awareness campaigns or recruitment specific updates)

Media Research and Buying

Monitor and track performance and ROI of job advertising and/or marketing campaign

Develop outreach candidate campaign to build, nurture and/or source talent communities

Production of job specific videos

Development of recruitment marketing brochures and collateral

Candidate Communications: write candidate and Applicant Tracking System communications to educate, nurture and retain talent pipeline.


“The company designed and consulted the hospital on various options for placement, layout of the advertisement and also cost efficiency. The result was spectacular and within weeks of the first advertisement being placed several interviews and appointments had been made. The advertisement attracted not only the scarce skills we were hoping to obtain, but also candidates with the right cultural fit to the organization.  The support and feedback has been above exception and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Christo Becker, ex GM of UCT Private Academic Hospital, on Recruitment Marketing

“They are very in touch with target market activities, and their out-of-the-box suggestions and ideas has enabled our bursary and graduate brands to grow considerably in the past few years. I highly recommend their work to anyone either considering the launch of a new recruitment campaign, or for those looking to spruce up their current ones in a big way!”

Past Graduate Recruitment Officer at Metropolitan Life, on Recruitment Marketing

“…made sure that the employee value proposition was captured and marketed to the appropriate audiences.”

Adele Smith, ex Head of HR:Exact, Fashion Express and SodaBloc, on Recruitment Marketing

“I worked closely with Celeste with regards to the recruitment needs at the CTICC. She was always on the ball and willing to assist where needed. I would call her up and ask for something to be delivered within a couple of hours and she would make time in her busy schedule to ensure that I received whatever I needed. I really enjoyed the laughs we shared along with the serious business conversations.”

Kelly Hope, HR Practitioner at CTICC, on Recruitment Marketing